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By Peter Lachance

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Republicans Who Stay Home Elect Democrats

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Initially united in 1854 by the promise to abolish slavery, the Republican Party has always stood for freedom, prosperity, and opportunity. Today, as those principles come under attack from the far-left, we are engaged in a national effort to fight for our proven agenda, take our message to every American, grow the party, promote election integrity, and elect Republicans up and down the ballot. The principles of the Republican Party recognize the God-given liberties while promoting opportunity for every American.

Reduce Spending

Reduce Taxes

Remind elected officials that “It’s Not Their Money”

Self-dealing should not be tolerated

Total transparency in all decisions

Accountability by all elected officials

Government is not the answer to all of our problems

Individuals and businesses are much better at addressing our challenges

Government should support entrepreneurship and minimize road blocks to job creation

We Can Only Win
With You

In Lower Makefield, we need over 1,000 more Republicans to vote in off-cycle elections if we are ever going to win seats on our all-Democrat Pennsbury School Board and our all-Democrat Board of Supervisor. This is a very achievable goal but it takes you.

Lower Makefield was consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States. Out of control taxes, spending a radical all leftist school board are threatening our community. We need your help to bring common sense small efficient government back to the township.

The LMT-Yardley Republican Committee

Promoting Generosity, Opportunity & Prosperity